About Us

Why is there a Bancroft PTO?

1. To work towards the development of an educational climate in which the fulfillment of each child is of paramount regard so that each may discover his or her own special gifts.

2. To support and encourage the exploration and adoption of new ideas in educational methods, technology, curriculum and programs which raise the quality of education available.

3. To build closer ties among parents, faculty and administration in order to ensure greater understanding and cooperation.

4. To encourage the active participation by parents in educational affairs which affect our community and consequently concern us all.

Who is part of the Bancroft PTO?

All parents of current students are automatically members of the Bancroft PTO, and are welcome/encouraged to participate and get involved in its operation.

How does the PTO raise funds, and where do they go?

The PTO runs events throughout the year as varied and fun as the Bancroft community itself. Many events allow us to fundraise in support of PTO initiatives – including academic enrichment, cultural arts programming, and teacher/staff discretionary spending – and some are strictly social events intended to bring people together for fun!  We encourage your participation in as many events for which you have the time & energy.

View the PTO bylaws

for further information

(updated and adopted July 2016)

How money is raised and spent

PTO Activities

Contact Bancroft PTO Treasurer, Jennifer Carr-Loveland

at treasurer@bancroftpto.org for specific financial information or to get a copy of the most current budget.

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