Our Work

Your generous donations have recently funded:

Enrichment opportunities for students

  • New storage for the Maker Studio
  • Student Council and Green Team
  • Science fair
  • Math bug
  • Cultural Arts programs for every grade (see detail below)

Classroom support materials as requested by each grade or department teachers and principal

  • 2 LCD projectors for portables, 1 color printer, 1 camcorder, 10 digital cameras, World Book subscription, walkie-talkies (Principal request)
  • book and DVD’s and barcode scanner (media center request)
  • Ludwing Junior Outfit Drum Set (music request)
  • 2 roller racers, 8 hoppers and 1 power cross challenge mat (physical education request)
  • oil pastels, chalk pastels pencils, watercolor paint, specialty crayons and many more art supplies (art department request)
  • markers and crafts supplies, planters (kindergarten)
  • ‘lady bug’ Lumens DC120 Document Camera (1st grade)
  • audiobooks, book bags, school globes, giant geometric shapes and nonfiction sequence & write tiles, ‘lady bug’ Lumens DC120 Document Camera (2nd grade)
  • privacy partitions (3rd grade)
  • latitude and longitude poster, privacy panels, fraction dice sets, world raised relief map, fraction pie puzzles, electrical buzzer, solar system mapping tool, magnetic fraction strips, magnetic fraction circles, clever catch ball -multiplication, clever catch ball -division, trait crate, educational DVDs (4th grade)
  • arts supplies for book making project, brain POP subscription (5th grade)

Participation in Andover Educational Community

  • Andover Coalition for Education (ACE)
  • Parent-to-Parent speaker series
  • Andover Fund for Education (through town’s Spelling Bee)
  • Andover Youth Center

Teacher development grants for attendance to writing and math seminars

Teacher appreciation events such as teacher appreciation week and end of the year luncheon

Scholarships to facilitate full participation in school activities of all students

Cultural Arts Programs

  • Bamidele Dancers (all town program)
  • Creative Smarts Math Program (all grades)
  • Tim Green: unstoppable (importance of education, reading and good character; all grades)
  • Cyril May – resourcerer: greening the planet one magic show at a time (all grades)
  • Tidal flat and tidepool program by Janice Petrie (kindergarten)
  • Paul Revere colonial games (kindergarten)
  • Sindy Weiss: Van Gogh (kindergarten)
  • Michelle’s menagerie: animal show (kindergarten & first grade)
  • explore the ocean world (1st grade)
  • natural discoveries: digging fossils (1st grade)
  • New England Aquarium: Rockhopper hop (2nd grade)
  • Motoko: Japanese Story Teller (2nd grade)
  • Jan Brink: bee keeper (3rd grade)
  • Natural Discoveries: Green Machine (3rd grade)
  • Paul Revere House: Midnight Ride (3rd grade)
  • Pete Money: Mineral Madness (3rd grade)
  • North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club: star party (4th grade)
  • Natural Discoveries: Predators and Prey (4th grade)
  • Hands on History by Denis Cormier (5th grade)
  • Techsploration (5th grade)

Support our school!  The Bancroft PTO raises funds for numerous cultural arts programs and curriculum enrichment activities for our children. A large percentage of the money generated goes directly back to the Bancroft teaching staff for use in the classroom, and for grade level programming.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about the fundraising events and activities being scheduled for this year, or if you would be interested in participating in the PTO’s fundraising efforts, please contact Rebecca Peterson at fundraising@bancroftpto.org.

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