This year, in order to thank the Bancroft teachers and staff for another fantastic year, the PTO is arranging great personalized gifts for each of them.  These gifts will be given during teacher appreciation week in May on behalf of all Bancroft parents and students.

After last year’s huge success, we would like to put one personal letter with each gift for every teacher and staff member, and are looking to you for help. If your child has a teacher or staff member that is extra special to him or her, please sign up for your child to be the one student to write the personal letter. If your child is willing to write a letter to anyone, there’s a slot for that too.

Finally, please only sign your child up for one letter so everyone gets a chance. If your child is willing to write a second letter if we don’t get enough volunteers, there’s a slot for that as well.

To sign up, click here.

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