Our Team

The PTO Board is made up of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Environmental Chair, Community Awareness Chair, Communications Chair and Hospitality Chair. The Board meets regularly to direct activities of the larger PTO organization.

Current 2017/2018 PTO Board members are: Sara Wells (President), Laura Rosi (Vice President), Jennifer Carr-Loveland (Treasurer), Sandra Adourian (Secretary), Jennifer Colleran and Amy Hamilton (Communications), Jennifer O’Handley (Community Awareness), Melissa Nelson (Environmental Chair), Rebecca Peterson (Fundraising), and Danielle Solari and Amy Whitehead (Hospitality).

The PTO relies upon teacher input and direction for effective operation. As the tie between the PTO and the larger Bancroft teacher community, the PTO Teacher Representatives provide the voice of Bancroft teachers to all aspects of PTO planning, including cultural art and enrichment opportunities for our students, and distribution of PTO funds.

Our 2017/2018 Teachers Reps are Tim Harkins, Mariah Hyslip and Kristen Moriarty.

Events throughout the year help raise funds in support of PTO initiatives including academic enrichment, cultural arts programming, and teacher/staff discretionary spending. Please contact Rebecca Peterson at fundraising@bancroftpto.com for detail, and read the fundraising section of this web site for additional information.

The Hospitality Chair manages PTO social events and community care & outreach. Please contact Danielle Solari (danpaw23@yahoo.com) and Amy Whitehead (amywhitehead@gmail.com) for additional information.

The Bancroft PTO environmental committee helps Bancroft students, staff, faculty and parents to think and act responsibly and aggressively in matters relating to natural resource consumption, processing and disposal. Environmental projects and efforts occur throughout the school year.

Please contact Melissa Nelson at environmental@bancroftpto.org for additional information.

The Bancroft PTO strives to keep the parent & teacher community apprised of important events and activities at Bancroft and within the town of Andover. This PTO committee is charged with maintaining the PTO web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account, as well as distribution of the weekly Parent Express email newsletter.

Please contact Jennifer Colleran and Amy Hamilton (communications@bancroftpto.org) for additional information, or if you have suggestions for items to include in one of our communication mediums.

The Community Awareness Committee was formed to encourage respectful communication and awareness relative to areas of difference among all members of the Bancroft community.

The committee is made up of parent and teacher volunteers. For questions/concerns/ideas, please email communityawareness@bancroftpto.org.

All levels of  parent & teacher participation are welcome and encouraged as part of the Bancroft PTO.  Even if you only have time to attend a handful of meetings, your voice is always appreciated as part of our discussions.

For those who have more dedicated time to participate in the Bancroft PTO, opportunities exist to run individual programs & events, to become a grade-level representative to the PTO, or to join the PTO Board as part of the Executive Team.

Please view our full list of  current PTO roles and positions  (updated August 2017).

To join one of our existing committees or lend a hand to one of the events your see, please reach out to the contact listed.  Or just show up to our next PTO meeting and we can talk about the best way to get you involved! 

Attend the PTO General Meetings, held at Bancroft at 7:00 pm:

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018

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